THREE Reasons Why Effective Digital Marketing Will Change Your Business

August 8, 2020

Very recently digital marketing was simply a new option to market one’s product or service online. It was different. It wasn’t THAT important. However, with the technological advances in the world over the last ten years and the rapid growth of online users, we at ACME Media, along with everyone else, have realised that digital marketing is now by far the most important and effective marketing method.

Here are our three reasons why effective digital marketing can (and will!) change your business.

1.  A touch point where people are spending most of their time.

Apple now records and analyses screen time among its users. Through these stats they have found that the top 30% of its users, have an average daily screen time in excess of 4.5 hours per day. The average person wouldn’t go longer than an hour and 45 minutes without touching their phone. And the average person spends more than half of their screen time on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

If your digital marketing is executed effectively, it gives your product/service (on average) two hours of exposure, per day! There’s one way to convert leads into sales.

2.  You can aim for your targets.

The days of hopeful marketing are done. Getting an ad published in the newspaper or printing a billboard in hopes of your target audience seeing is now the obsolete way of marketing. Digital marketing through paid advertisements, social media and SEO using keywords, now gives us the ability to load up and fire at exactly who we want to. Tenfold, more effective than the ways of the past.

Using these targeted digital marketing methods properly and effectively, we can now get our product in front of the right person, improving our chances of converting leads and making sales.

3.    Digital Marketing = Advanced Analytics.

Back when print and screen were the most effective way of marketing, we could only hope for results. Often the only way to discover any sort of direct correlation between the ad and the sales conversion would be to ask the customer and even then, we had no idea of who else saw the advertisement. We would have no way to know if people muted our ads or turned the page.

Digital Marketing on search engines, social media and websites now provide us with the advanced ability to dive into analytics. We can now see whether someone even saw our ads, if they were interacted with, if they prompted action or if they led to a sale down the line. We are now informed about the effectiveness of our marketing. We know whether we need to change and adapt, and how to do so. Digital Marketing now gives us the ability to not waste our time and money, by allowing us to judge and analyse the efficiency of our campaigns.

Three simple reasons why digital marketing is the way of the future, and how, if effectively executed, will change your business. Get in touch with us at ACME Media, if you’d like to include us in your digital marketing strategy going forward.


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