August 8, 2020

With our world facing what will be considered one of the largest pandemics and economic lulls in modern history, it may be hard for many to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Businesses have been hit the hardest and it’s left many with the decision to shut up shop or to adapt and survive. Here are ACME Media’s essential marketing tips to ensure your business not only survives but bounces back even stronger.

Your Digital Footprint Is Your Only Footprint

On Sunday morning Scott Morrison announced to the people of Australia the closure of all non-essential businesses. The new national rules coupled with the general unease of people around Australia, has meant many shops have had to close their doors bringing an abrupt end to brick-and-mortar as we know it. However, people are still shopping.

Your online presence has always been incredibly important but now more than ever. With e-commerce becoming the number one point of sale throughout the covid-19 epidemic its pivotal to ensure your product/service is accurately marketed digitally. Ensure your business is branded well, the website is adequately optimised to push online sales and enquiry along with increasing your social media activity, pushing leads into your business’s sales funnel.

Following these steps to solidify your digital footprint will help secure your business during the COVID-19 pandemic and get you on the front foot for the next economic boom.

Local SEO is critical.

With international travel bans in place and everyone staying home, people are looking for local, nearby destinations for services and supplies. Ensuring your business is search engine optimised for “near me” searches is critical in times like this. Revise and research key words refine meta-tags and site architecture, review analytics and reoptimize for search engines.

This process will draw a local market to your business which is pivotal during current economic times and once the pandemic has passed, will give you the ability to expand your market while retaining good-will.

Connect with The People.

While dealing with the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, Australia and many other national governments have decided to go into lockdown. Looking at the positives from the situation, it means there will be a dramatic increase on the amount of screen time elapsed by phone users. This gives businesses a great opportunity to get in touch with customers via social media.

Use the time to connect with your customers and excite your market about what is to come. While in lockdown people will be looking towards eating out again, buying new clothes or whatever it may be and social media is a great way to give people post-corona plans.

It’s important to be sensitive with your marketing during times like this, with many people struggling, having to close doors or losing their jobs. If possible, take your time to empathize with your followers and do what you can to help. You may even produce a hell of a lot of good-will going into the future by doing so.

Stay optimistic as this won’t last forever, however, remain diligent and prepare your business for the bounce-back surge.

Best of luck,

The team at ACME Media x


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